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Helping Hand

A virtual helping hand. If your young one needs some guidance with their home school work, you can get that guidance right here. 

All schools in Australia plan and deliver their lessons from the content requirements set by the Australian curriculum. With a working knowledge of the Australian schools curriculum, I can provide the 'in-class, roaming teacher' support that I normally do, for any student who needs it.

We're all behind the eight-ball right now, so this service is being actively adjusted just as schools are actively changing the way they teach. All consultation sessions will provide support in alignment with the prescribed content requirements mentioned above.


Fee $25 / 25 minutes

Payment Methods
PayPal - to be paid at the time of booking 
'Pay in Person' - an invoice will be issued to the supplied email at the time of booking

Please contact me via phone or email if you have questions

If your child requires more than general guidance with their assigned school work, check out the Tutoring page for information about creating a personalised after school tuition program  

School Supply
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