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Colleen McMahon

Somewhere during my early teaching career I discovered Feynman's 'pleasure of finding things out'. One day in class I noticed a feeling of envy toward the students who were displaying this pleasure, so I decided to find some new things out myself.


It seems that my enthusiasm was far reaching. Not only am I a qualified primary school teacher, but I am also now qualified in digital information and interaction design, as well as geological and geophysical earth sciences.

With that said, all of it has indeed brought great pleasure. My professional career has consisted mostly of casual relief teaching -

with temporary blocks and full time positions

Photo of Colleen (Connor, 2016, 4 years old)

Photography by Connor

(2016, 3 years old)


and Pieces

thrown in - while studying outside of school hours. When science work took up most of my time, I would teach where I could at school or university.

McMahon Education was created with the intention of combining these three areas of interest into one profession.

I am presently teaching in primary schools as an accredited Proficient Teacher with the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA), and a currently valid Working with Children Check (WWCC - WWC0681626E).

Take a look at some of the bits and pieces in the slideshow. These show a few things that I've been dabbling with over the years.

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